Top 10 Most Expensive iPhone Cases in the World

7. Brikk Titanium Case – $4,430

Most Expensive iPhone Cases in the World - Brikk Titanium Case

Brikk Titanium is another luxury phone case made from titanium. It comes with your brand name embossed on its top.

Titanium is a durable and strong metal that is used on the most expensive motorbikes around the world. This case will ensure your phone can withstand most drops and bangs.

This phone case is more reserved than some of its alternatives. It has a smart and classy appearance, as well as the protection provided by the titanium construction.

The Brikk Titanium case can be purchased in a variety of colors including carbon, gold and platinum as well as grey stealth and black.

It is sleek and cool and provides protection for your entire smartphone. This limited edition release was centered on the theme of “Altruistic Precision”.

The Brikk Titanium case will protect your phone stylishly for $4,430

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