Top 10 Most Expensive iPhone Cases in the World

6. Gresso Titanium Edition – $4,500

Most Expensive iPhone Cases in the World - Gresso Titanium Edition

Since 1999, Gresso has manufactured luxury smartphones and a variety of luxury accessories.

Gresso’s Azimuth dual SIM phone was a big hit when it was first released in 2014. It featured keys made of 18-karat gold, which helped justify the high price tag of $2,000.

The Titanium Edition smartphone case is a masterpiece in style and class. Its titanium outer shell makes this phone case durable and robust.

The Gresso Titanium Edition Case rear is a handmade case at a cost of $4,500. It’s made from the finest Italian leather, which enhances its high-end appeal.

The case also features the Gresso logo in gold embossed on it, along with a sequence number that reflects its limited-edition status.

Gresso Titanium Edition cases can be purchased in either black or grey. This luxury accessory is a bit more subtle than its higher-priced counterparts.

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