Top 10 Most Expensive iPhone Cases in the World

5. Lux iPhone X Ingot 250 – $70,000

Most Expensive iPhone Cases in the World - Lux iPhone X Ingot 250

Lux iPhone X Ingot 250, which costs $70,000, is another high-end phone case by Brikk.

The 250g of genuine 22k gold that covers the entire iPhone case is what explains the high price.

Brikk says that each of the Lux iPhone X Ingot 250 gold ingots is handmade and assembled in their Los Angeles-based art laboratory.

It’s soft and scratchy, as you would expect from 22-karat Gold. Some people wonder if there is an extra case to protect their expensive cover.

However, durability and resistance are not the main priority if you buy a phone case made of gold. This is about showing off your wealth with as extravagant a style as you can.

Lux iPhone X Ingot 250 comes with an engraved back with the amount of gold used in its construction and an embossed Apple logo.

Brikk also makes a lower-priced version of the iPhone X Ingot 250 model. This is the XS Max model. It retails for approximately $2,000.

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