Top 10 Most Expensive iPhone Cases in the World

4. Goldgenie Donald Trump Case – $151,000

Most Expensive iPhone Cases in the World - Goldgenie Donald Trump Case
Image credit: Gold Genie

Goldgenie, a luxury accessory and fashion store located in Sharjah near Dubai, designed the Donald Trump Case in 2016 for their ultra-wealthy clients.

It retails for $151,000 and is the accessory that Donald Trump would buy, matching the high-net worth customers who shop at Goldgenie.

The Goldgenie Donald Trump Case is made from 24-karat Gold and features the smiling face of former President Trump embossed on its back. It was created in response to a request by one of Goldgenie’s loyal customers.

The Goldgenie Donald Trump Case features 24-karat Gold and studded diamonds around the edges. Also, it forms the Apple logo above Trump’s head.

You won’t be able to get one of these cases for yourself. The engraving on the back of this case confirms that it is a limited edition 1/1.

Frank Fernando, Goldgenie’s managing Director, stated in an interview to CNN Money, that the client who ordered the luxury case was a Chinese lady. He also claimed to have received nine additional orders for the case since the design was made public.

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