Top 10 Most Expensive Lamborghinis in the World

4. Miura Concept

Most Expensive Lamborghinis - Miura Concept
Image Credit: Wealthygorilla

Estimated Value: $3 Million

In January 2006, the Lamborghini Mura Concept was presented at the Paley Center for Media.

To commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the introduction in 1966 of the original Miura Concept, the retro-styled Lamborghini has been ordered.

Walter de Silva, Lamborghini’s chief design officer, designed it and included a Lamborghini Murcielago V12 engine.

The new all-wheel-drive system features a rising rear spoiler, lower side intakes, and slightly wider bodies than its predecessor.

The Miura is now on display at the Lamborghini Museum in Sant’Agata Bolognese (Italy).

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