Top 10 Most Expensive Perfumes in the World

2. DKNY Golden Delicious – $1 Million/Ounce

Most Expensive Perfumes - DKNY Golden Delicious

We have DKNY Gold Delicious at $1 Million/Ounce.

This perfume will make you smell like a champion. DKNY is the famous perfume designer behind this fragrance. Martin Katz was the designer and created the second-most expensive perfume in the world.

The perfume bottle is an artifact and contains 2,090 precious gemstones. These include 183 yellow sapphires and 2,700 white diamonds. There are also 15 pink diamonds and a Canary Yellow diamond on the cap.

This perfume has one of the best features: all precious stones were individually hand-placed for 1,500 hours. This perfume was made with proceeds that were donated to Action Against Hunger charity.

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