Top 10 Most Expensive Barbie Dolls in the World

8. Abend Barbie Gala – $13,673

Most Expensive Barbie Doll in the World - Abend Barbie Gala
Image Credit: Wealthygorilla

Due to its limited availability, this Barbie doll was only sold in Europe and Japan.

The Abend Barbie Gala features brunette American girl hair, and the most expensive doll dress ever made in France. It is hard to find one and it is even harder to buy.

One of these Barbies was last offered up for auction in 2006. It was sold at a Christie’s auction and was valued at $13,673.

This is a small fraction of the cost of a Samoyed dog, which is one of the most costly dogs in the world.

We would have to choose between this doll and the fluffy, soft-spoken good boy if we had $14,000, but we think you can get both if we are rich.

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