Top 10 Most Expensive Barbie Dolls in the World

5. Barbie In Midnight-Red – $17,091

Most Expensive Barbie Doll in the World - Barbie In Midnight-Red
Image Credit: Wealthygorilla

This doll is the more expensive version of Barbie’s Midnight Pink Barbie. Although it wasn’t initially considered a popular model, it was sold for PS9,000. That’s equivalent to $17,091 today, after adjusting for inflation and conversion rates.

The Barbie in Midnight Red Barbie and Barbie Pink dolls are both limited edition dolls. They also come in variants of the Barbie in Midnight Blue.

The red Barbie doll has remained the most expensive and sought-after Barbie doll in history.

This Barbie doll, like its pink counterpart is outfitted with a long gown with fur-lined sleeves and a long white cloak.

Although it may not have diamonds on it, it is still one of the most expensive Barbie dolls ever made.

It’s also vintage and will only get more valuable over time. Mint dolls will become even more rare.

It may be worth looking for this doll in your grandmother’s attic and asking an appraiser to help you find it!

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