Top 10 Most Expensive Coins in the World

2. Double Eagle (1933)

Most Expensive Coins - Double Eagle (1933)
Image Credit: Wealthygorilla

Cost: $7.6 Million

The 1933 second round of Double Eagles was recalled by the public and melted at the mint. This was due to Theodore Roosevelt’s ban on gold ownership.

He believed it would ease the current banking crisis. However, a few 1993-dated Double Eagles managed to escape from the mint’s vaults.

It’s interesting to note that it is still illegal to possess one of these coins. If you are found with one, it can be confiscated immediately.

One private owner, however, managed to purchase a coin that was owned originally by King Farouk, Egypt. He was forced to sell it and split the proceeds with U.S. mint.

In 2002, the 1933 Double Eagle was sold at auction for $7,590,000.020

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