Top 10 Most Expensive Fruits in the World

What are the most expensive fruits in the world?

You can find luxury fruits all over the world, from the Lost Gardens of Heligan in England to the outer reaches of Japan’s Hokkaido island.

Others are valued for their unique shapes. Some others have astronomical values due to strict quality control rules that dictate their size and weight.

This guide lists the ten most costly fruits in the world. It also includes the prices you can expect to spend if you decide to buy one.

The Most Expensive Fruits In The World

This definitive list includes the highest-priced fruits in the world.

Here’s our list of the 10 most expensive fruits in the world:

10. Buddha Shaped Pears – $9 Each

Most Expensive Fruits In the World - Buddha Shaped Pears

It is not difficult to guess the appearance of the novelty-shaped fruit, Buddha-shaped pears, which are available in China.

These Buddha-shaped pears were created by Gao Xinzhang, a Chinese farmer. They are made by growing the fruit in small Buddha-shaped molds.

This idea was inspired in part by the tale of miraculous fruit that was grown in the Buddha’s form. It took six years for this hardworking farmer to perfect his creation.

Legend says that if you eat these Buddha-shaped pears, you will become immortal. It’s only $9 per piece.

Gao Xinzhang is from Hebei in China, better known as China’s main producer of steel.

The Fruit Mold Company of China made the molds for the Buddha-shaped pear molds. They also make a variety of molds that can be used to produce unusually shaped, expensive fruits.

These inventions include watermelon with a heart shape and apples that resemble gnomes. However, it is unlikely that these inventions have earned enough money to match Ma Huateng’s net wealth.

This delicious fruit is delicious and the enjoyment of eating it is enhanced by Buddha’s smile. They are often served with decorative ribbons.

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