Top 10 Most Expensive Fruits in the World

9. Sekai Ichi Apple – $12 Each

Most Expensive Fruits in the World - Sekai Ichi Apple

We will be sticking with the East and introduce the Sekai Ichi apple, which is one of the largest fruits in the world.

These rare fruits are grown in Japan and have a diameter of approximately 15 inches. They weigh in at 2 pounds.

One Sekai Ichi Apple costs around $12. This is a reasonable price considering it’s about the same size and weight as several regular apples.

Sekai Ichi, which translates to English to mean “number one” in the world, is not the most humble fruit name but it has a lot of truth.

They are delicious to eat. Each bite delivers a mixture of sweetness and juiciness, while the apple melts in your mouth.

Sekai Ichi apples can be hand-pollinated. When they are almost ready for consumption, the producers soak them in honey to enhance their taste and aroma.

This exotic fruit is for those apple lovers who are looking to experience something a bit more special than Honeycrisp apples at their local supermarket, and who don’t mind paying Sekai Ichi’s apple price.

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