Top 10 Most Expensive Fruits in the World

7. Sembikiya Queen Strawberries – $85/Pack

Sembikiya Queen Strawberries

The humble strawberry is associated with the Wimbledon tennis tournament. It has been traditionally served with delicious whipped cream.

The Sembikiya queen strawberry comes from as far as the Wimbledon tournament, which is another exotic fruit that you can purchase in Japan.

Like other exotic fruits like strawberries, very few people would want to sully the Sembikiya Queen Strawberry with cream. They’re perfectly fine as they are.

These strawberries look very similar to normal strawberries, but closer inspection will reveal the attention and care that went into their selection.

It is important to choose the correct color of red, as well as the right amount of dark green for the leaves, and the perfect shape of the strawberry.

As luxury gifts, expensive fruits like the Sembikiya queen strawberry are often offered in Japan. A pack will cost you $85.

Although it is quite expensive, considering the prices of some of the most expensive perfumes around the world, it sounds like a bargain.

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