Top 10 Most Expensive Fruits in the World

2. Ruby Roman Grapes – $8,400/Per Bunch

Most Expensive Fruits in the World - Ruby Roman Grapes

The Ruby Roman grapes are also available in Japan. They have been growing in the Ishikawa Prefecture from 2008.

These extra-large grapes are the same size and shape as a pingpong ball. This makes them more expensive.

The Ruby Roman grapes are priced at $8,400 per bunch. This makes them one of the most expensive fruits per pound.

Selection is very strict at this price. Each grape must weigh more than 20 grams and have 18% sugar content.

Premium grapes are grapes that weigh more than 30 grams and come from a 700-gram grape cluster. These grapes can fetch thousands of dollar.

In 2021, only six grapes passed the stringent pingpong ball shape, weight and sugar content tests, making it one the most rare and expensive fruits in the world.

Ruby roman grapes are unlikely to be used for expensive wines. They’re known for their high sugar content and low acidity. This makes them great to eat as is.

Although it is unlikely that you will use their premium-class offering as table grapes for any occasion, if your trip to Ishikawa Prefecture includes you can still enjoy regular-sized fruits at a fraction of the cost.

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