Top 10 Most Expensive Pizzas in the World

1. Louis XIII – $12,000

Most Expensive Pizzas - Louis XIII – $12,000
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The Louis XIII is a stunning piece of art that costs $12,000

This pizza is the most expensive in the world. Renato Viola is the one who invented this pizza. It takes 72 hours to make the dough, which is made with the finest flour.

You can choose from three types of caviar when it comes to toppings: Oscietra Royal Prestige (from the Iranian coast), Kaspia Oscietra Royal Class (from the Iranian coast), and Kaspia Beluga.

It includes the best lobster from Norway as well as seven kinds of cheese. Champagne is served alongside the toppings.

For the best possible experience, this pizza can be prepared and served at your home.

You can try this pizza at Manoosh, Marrickville or Enmore. It can be ordered online, or you can visit these pizza makers in person.

You won’t be disappointed.


We hope that you enjoyed our list with the most expensive pizzas money could buy.

Let’s just be honest. We all love pizza!

Pizza is a popular fast food that is delicious and tasty. You can find it in almost every part of the globe. There are many options for toppings and ingredients. Mix it all to make your favorite pizza.

These pizzas are a great choice for pizza lovers and foodies. These pizzas are not cheap, but they have great taste and flavor.

It is easy to come up with new combinations. That’s why top chefs around the globe have made their most loved pizzas. Are you a fan of a lot or little cheese? You can choose the pizza that you like best.

You might find high-end pizzas at restaurants that will not break the bank. It is possible to transform expensive foods into something more creative.

We hope that you have some fresh ideas about which pizza you would like to purchase today or in the near future.

You can taste all of these pizzas by eating great ingredients like truffles, caviar and even gold and jewels. You heard it right.

Everything becomes more expensive when you add some bling to it, like diamonds. That’s why some pizzas might seem a little crazy.

Since I am a huge fan of all his food, my personal favorite is the Gordon Ramsay Pizza. His show Hell’s Kitchen has been a favorite of mine for many years.

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 most expensive pizzas:

  1. Louis XIII – $12,000
  2. Pizza for Lovers – $8,180
  3. The Miss Verdun – $4,250
  4. Pizza Royale 007 – $4,200
  5. Nino Bellissima Pizza – $1,000
  6. The C6 – $450
  7. Gordon Ramsay’s Pizza – $250
  8. Triple Mille-Feuille Pizza – $140
  9. The Magic Gold – $108
  10. Kobe Beef Steak Pizza – $66

Which are your favorite, most expensive pizzas? Leave a comment below.

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