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If you want to make Tarantulas as your pets then firstly look at this, Spiders do have feelings, but unlike a dog or a cat, they don’t bond with you. In fact, they likely don’t even recognize you.
They simply are not developed to be the companions of humans. They should never be bought from the pet stores, online sites or anywhere else.
There are almost 20 species of Tarantulas found on the Earth. Some of them belongs to the Mexican Arid Zone, some to the Amazon’s Tropical Rainforest and some from the wilderness of Asia and Australia.
Still some people have curiosity to keep Tarantulas in their home as pets so for them, the above 5 species of Tarantulas are best. They are not so venomous and are easygoing insects.
The responsibility of caring for a Tarantula can follow someone from childhood well into the adulthood. Male tarantulas can live up to 10 years and females can live about 25-30 years. So, you need hard patience to keep this creature as pet.
Tarantulas don’t have good eyesight. Instead, they sense the world through the vibrations that they pick up through their legs and body hairs. That’s why Tarantulas move in a slow speed.
Humans began to fear Tarantulas when the Italian town of Taranto formed a myth that anyone bitten by a Tarantula would enter into a hypnotic state called “Tarantism” and be forced to dance continuously. This dancing is not a known side effect of Tarantula bites, but a Tarantula’s fangs do contain venom that can be dangerous for our health.
Unlike the Dogs and Cats, Tarantulas are not domesticated animals. Any Tarantula sold as a pet was either captured in the nature or bred from the spiders who were.
The Mexican Red-Knee Tarantula is now a threatened species, largely because the exploiters have captured so many of them in their natural homes.
But in my point of view, if anyone want to make Tarantulas as pets then they should be very careful. People have to give an environment favorable to the Tarantulas and have to be patienceas these insects live up to 25-30 years. Tarantulas should be given an effective training also.

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