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A hybrid animal is a cross between two different species of animals. They both have other recessive genes and different hereditary characteristics. A hybrid offspring thus have a diverse gene pool and different color mutation.
1. Zorse (Zebroid)
A Zorse, also known as Zebroid, is a cross between a male Zebra and a female horse. Their offspring has a coloration of Horse and stripes of Zebra.
2. Jalgaon
A Jaglion is a hybrid of a male Jaguar and a Lioness. Their size usually is large than a jaguar, but they have spots on their bodies.
3. Geep
A Geep is obtained when a male Goat is mutually crossed with a female Sheep, and their offspring have woolly skin.
4. Mule
A Mule is a cross between a male Donkey and a female Horse. Mules are sterile. They are used in climbing luggage and hence domesticated.
5. Tigon
When male Tiger mates with a Lioness, their offspring are known as Tigon. Their size is bigger than the normal tigers or lions. They have short manes on their face.
6. Cama
Cama is an offspring of a male Camel and a female Lama. These hybrids are mostly small in size like their mother Lama’s recessive genes. They are used as domesticated animals.

7. Hinny
When a male Horse and a female Donkey get crossed, their produced offspring is called Hinny. Hinnies are calm and sweet, having excellent stamina. They are good climbers also.
8. Liger
When a male Lion mate with a Tigress, the offspring is known as Liger. Ligers are huge. These are the giant cats found ever on Earth. Hercules the Liger attained a weight of 410 kgs, and his name was framed in the Guinness Book of World Records. Male Ligers are sterile while the females are fertile.
9. Pizzly
When male Polar Bears mate with female Grizzly Bears, their cubs are known as Pizzlies. Pizzly is produced in the wild due to the climatic change occurring at the North Pole.
10. Coywolf
Coywolf is the offspring of a male Coyote, having shared his gene with a female Wolf. Coywolves are generally found in the forests of Yellowstone National Park.

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