10 Amazing Guard Dogs

Moscow Watchdog It shouldn't surprise that this breed is called a watchdog. Moscow Watchdogs are large and muscular, making them intimidating. They are also agile, which makes them able to chase away unwanted visitors in a hurry. They are gentle and friendly with their owners.

American Staffordshire Terrier This breed is a very special one if you have ever seen them up close. American Staffordshire Terriers can be extremely tough and territorial. They are also very muscular. This combination makes them the perfect guard dog. This breed does benefit from early training. It is important to train them to curb aggressive behavior.

American Pit Bull Terrier These guys have a bad reputation. Unfortunately, most stories about these dogs are not the result of bad people. American Pit Bull Terriers can be very loyal and loving, and they are great protectors. This breed requires proper training, which can sometimes be quite difficult. One thing I can assure you is this: Your house will be the last target of an intruder if you have a Pit outside your front window.

Doberman Pinscher Dobermans can be intimidating to say the least. This breed is a strong guard dog, with a muscular body and an impressive speed. They are also very friendly with their owners. Their intelligence is a big plus.

Rottweiler Rottweilers, another breed, will often keep intruders away completely or make them run from the first bark. This breed is known for being aggressive. What Rottweiler would you rather have taken down? I wouldn't agree, and neither would any other potential trespassers. This breed can be quite aggressive but they are great with people if they get enough love and training.

Kuvasz You might be tempted to think that this beautiful dog would attract people and not make them feel intimidated. If you don't feel at home, your beautiful appearance will soon fade. They are large and powerful, making them great for protecting people. This can make them a bit aloof, which can be both a benefit and a disadvantage. Be careful when you introduce someone to your furry protector.

Boerboel This breed's long history as a protector dog has given it plenty of chances to win some awards. Boerboels were bred to be a guard dog, and that's what they are! It's clear that they will do whatever it takes to protect your home. This breed can be a little too protective, so it is important to watch out for interactions between people and pets.

Moscow Watchdog Beaucerons are excellent guard dogs for many reasons. It's difficult to list them all. They are loyal, protective, gentle with family members, loving and even enjoy working. The breed is a guard dog, cattle protector, herder, and family companion. They are hard to beat for keeping your home safe.

Bucovina Shepherd Like the Beauceron, Bucovina shepherds have a long history of protecting cattle. They are driven to protect their herd and pass this drive on to the members of their pack. These guys will risk their lives to make sure you are safe. This breed is used to living in colder environments. These dogs might not be the best choice for people who live in hot environments.

Cane Corso Italiano Another exotic breed is the Cane Corso Italiano, which has been used for centuries as a farm protector and guard dog. You wouldn't want to get into any sort of trouble with this dog and they will quickly learn that anyone who attempts to intrude on your farm is not welcome. They make great family dogs because of their gentle nature and ability to build bonds with children.