10 Best British Cat Breeds

Ragdoll British shorthair is the most popular British cat breed. Although they share the same ancestry with the American Shorthair, these cats developed distinct characteristics when the breeds were separated. British shorthairs were once known as British blues due to their silvery gray hair. Their distinctive look is due to their large eyes and broad faces. 

British Longhair The British longhair has a fluffy, luxurious coat and a face similar to its shorthair counterpart. Longhair is a result of cross breeding between British shorthairs with long-haired cats like Persians. 

Devon Rex The Devon Rex is a British breed that is affectionate and friendly. It has big ears, small stature, and a curly long coat. The Devon Rex's lineage cannot be traced back to any specific breeding efforts, unlike other pedigreed British cat breeds. 

Cornish Rex Cornish Rex cats have a similar temperament to dogs and a love for playing. This breed is similar to the Devon Rex. It was created spontaneously from a cross between a domestic shorthaired cat and a stray tabby from Cornwall. In terms of personality, the Cornish Rex is an original. 

Oriental Although their name might suggest otherwise, Orientals were actually bred in England as an alternative to China’s Siamese cats. Orientals are also known as foreign shorthairs. They have a similar appearance to Siamese cats but have a wider variety of colors. 

Chinchilla The Chinchilla is an English man-made cat breed that dates back to the 16th century. Although they may have the same name as a rodent, these cats are a very regal breed. They are affectionate and outgoing and love to be held. Their fluffy coat needs to be brushed regularly in order to prevent mats. 

Burmilla  What happens when you cross a Chinchilla and a Burmese? Burmilla is a playful breed that loves adventure and has a shorter coat than their Chinchilla cousins. Burmillas were popularized in the 1980s. They are sweet and perfect for families. 

Havana Brown The Havana Brown was created in England by crossing Siamese and domestic cats. Breeders set out to create a beautiful brown cat. They succeeded. They are very social and friendly and can be quite inquisitive. They enjoy playing but also love to nap. 

Turkish Van Although the Turkish Van's ancestors were from Turkey, the breed was actually developed in England. British breeders brought back a pair Turkish Van kittens in the 1950s. These cats are active, playful, and athletic. They are also friendly with people and other animals. 

Asian Cat The Asian cat is also known as the Malayan Cat. It was first developed in England in the 1980s. The original breed was a mix of a Chinchilla and Burmese cat. They are affectionate and very chatty. They are very affectionate and love to cuddle and play with people.