10 Best Cat Breeds for Apartment Living

American Shorthair The American shorthair is a pedigreed form of the domestic shorthair and is a friendly cat who loves to spend time with its owners. As long as they have enough social support, these cats will be able to live in apartments. They are also good at watching out for windows and playing with toys.

Birman The gentle and sweet Birman is a loving lap cat who doesn't need a lot of space. The Birman is a calm cat who wants to be with their loved ones, so it doesn't matter how big or small their home. They are playful and love to chase other pets. They don't require much space to have fun.

British Shorthair The British shorthair cat is adaptable and can live in apartments. They are laid back cats who prefer to lounge around and not race around their homes. They can also have energy bursts and enjoy interactive play that challenges them both mentally and physically. They love food puzzles, as long as they aren't too much.

Burmese Burmese are sweet and cuddly. They are social cats and need to be surrounded by other pets or their owners so that they don't feel lonely. Cat trees are important for these cats as they love to jump and run. It doesn't really matter how big their home is, as long as they pay attention.

Exotic The Persian cat's short-haired counterpart, the exotic, is the Persian cat's short-haired cousin. These cats, like their long-haired counterparts, are calm and affectionate. They prefer a plush cushion or a warm lap to cuddle with than vigorous activity. They are active cats and can be energized with cat toys before returning to their laps.

Maine Coon Because of its friendly, easygoing nature, the Maine coon has been called a "gentle giant". They are social cats who love to interact with humans but don't usually demand attention. They are happy to entertain themselves, as long as there are toys and a window. Dogs will often walk outside with a leash to exercise or enrich their lives.

Persian Persians know the importance of relaxation and rest. These calm and gentle cats love to lie down on any soft surface, even a lap. They are not very interested in climbing or jumping so they make a great choice for homes with small children. They are happy to spend time with their loved ones, but they also enjoy being alone.

Ragdoll The ultimate lap cat, the ragdoll, is the ragdoll. The breed's ability to relax and go limp when held is what gave it its name. They are adaptable to many living situations and have moderate energy. Although they are playful, their favorite activity is to follow their owners around the house.

Russian Blue Russian blues are affectionate, but not clingy. They prefer to spend time alone in the sun and rest when they can. They don't require a lot of space as they are quiet, reserved and have a moderate energy level. Although they enjoy playing with cat toys and will often be seen perched high looking over their territory, you might find them watching.

Scottish Fold The calm and friendly Scottish fold is able to adapt to any living situation, even apartments. They love to play fetch and are very happy to be involved in any activity their owners are doing. For their curious nature and cleverness, food puzzles are a great way to entertain them, especially when they're not at home.