10 Best Cat Breeds for Kids

Abyssinian Cats Abyssinians are affectionately called Abys. They are loyal, affectionate and can mix well with other pets. Abyssinians, who are known for their curiosity and playfulness, are social cats that enjoy participating in all the activities going on around them. 

 Cornish Rex Cat Cornish rex are an adventurous breed. They often find unusual places to explore such as the refrigerator or washing machine. It can adapt easily to new situations and has been known to be able to get along with timid or shy children. 

Exotic Shorthair Cat Exotic cats are generally friendly with other animals and have a gentle, tender-hearted disposition. They make great companions for children because of their gentle, calm personality and rare meowing. 

Himalayan Cats The sweet, intelligent and playful nature of Himalayan cats is well-known. The Himalayan cat breed is similar to Siamese cats in that it enjoys fetch. They can also be entertained for hours by a scrap of paper or a cat toys. These cats are good friends and will spend more time with their families than they would on their own. 

Maine Coon Cats Maine Coon cats are well-known for their intelligence, playfulness, and size. They are one of the most large domestic cat breeds. They are affectionately called "gentle giants". 

Manx Cats Manx cats are independent cats, but they have the same loyalty, warmth and playfulness as dogs. Manx cats' meow sounds unusually like a trill. The laid-back, calm cat is a great pet for children. Manx can be so protective that they may attack or growl at a dog or another person they believe is a threat to themselves or their family. 

Ragdoll Cats The ragdoll, one of the largest cat breeds, is also one the most affectionate. It is often called "puppy-cat" due to its dog-like personality. This breed is great with children and pets. It can be trained to play fetch, roll over, and beg. 

Scottish Fold Cats Scottish fold cats are sweet and gentle and can be very friendly with other pets and people. The Scottish fold cat is known for its soft voice, ability to make different sounds and purrs than other cat breeds. 

Siamese Cats The blue-eyed, short-haired Siamese cat is one of most social felines and one of their most beloved. Siamese cats are intelligent and social and enjoy being around children and other animals, especially dogs. Siamese cats can be compared to dogs because they follow their owners around and are willing to walk on leashes. 

Siberian Cats Siberian cats can be affectionate and playful. They are open to playing with other pets and love children. Due to its companionship and devotion, this social, easygoing cat is often called "dog-like".