10 Best Couch-Surfing Champions

Bulldog Bulldogs are the ultimate couch potato. Because of his pushed-in muzzle and bandy legs, he is not able to do much. However, the gas (and snores) that he makes are incredible. His job is to be beside you and provide feedback on the production value of what you are watching. The Bulldog is a good friend to everyone.

Greyhound It is a curious fact that the fastest dog in the world is also the least active, but it is true. Greyhounds are able to easily go with you on a jog, but will also be willing to walk by themselves if necessary. The Greyhound is a great combination of being willing to run and wanting to "just hang out around the home today". We don't like running every day. Favorite TV genre: horse racing.

Basset Hound The Basset Hound is the breed that says "relax" more than any other breed. Bassets have a long, honorable hunting record. However, younger Basset Hounds can walk many miles with ease, even though they take their time, looking at everything around them. They love to come home and eat their dinners. Favorite TV genre: TV dinners.

Bullmastiff This guardian breed was designed to keep an eye on the animals. Bullmastiffs do not require much physical activity, but they need to be socialized in order to be their best. The Bullmastiff will ensure your safety and that of your family while you're asleep. Favorite TV genre: crime investigation.

Chow Chow Chow Chows are physically and mentally resistant to exercise. He may appear athletic, but his stilted gait makes him unfit for running aimlessly around the block. The Chow Chow Chow has a shorter hair and is friendlier than the longer-haired version. This breed sheds a lot. Favorite TV genre: news.

French Bulldog The Frenchie is a master at resting, and this adorable dog knows how to make the most of it. The French Bulldog is a cousin to the Bulldog. He snores and blows wind with alarming frequency, but his charming expression and good humor make up for it. Although the Frenchie is stubborn, he is a very well-behaved dog. The weather station is my favorite TV show.

Great Dane Danes are lazy. If they weren't, it would be impossible to keep up. He does require some living space, so don’t try to squeeze him into a small apartment. They need lots of socialization to not only calm their aggressive tendencies, but also because they are shy. Science fiction is my favorite TV show.

Shih Tzu This beautiful Shih Tzu was born to be a lapdog. With all his hair you can see that he wasn’t meant to wander around the woods. Even the most active members of this breed can still get all the exercise they need by running around the house. Favorite TV genre: makeover shows.

Bichon Frise His name, "lapdog", is a reference to his breed. This breed can be kept indoors, which is great because it is easy to scrub mud from a white-coated dog. Reality television is my favorite TV show.

Pekingese Pekingese have lots of hair and lots attitude. The Peke is completely self-contained and cannot deal with wet, cold, wind or distances greater than the block. The Peke is content to sit at home and sourly discuss the state of the world with his cat. Favorite TV show: Political dramas.