10 Best Dog Breeds for Hunting

Labrador Retriever One of the most loved gun dogs is the Labrador retriever. The Labrador retriever is a loyal, energetic and enthusiastic dog breed that can withstand cold temperatures. It can also swim in cold water. Labradors are often the best dogs for duck hunting. Because of their friendliness, loyalty and willingness to please, Labradors are a great companion dog and family dog.

Golden Retriever Golden retrievers are similar to Labradors and can also be used as gun dogs. They can hunt small prey and birds. Goldens are loyal, enthusiastic, and highly trainable. They make great family companions and are known for their ability to get along with children. They do require a lot of exercise to keep their minds and bodies active.

Beagle The beagle is a scent-hound that has a great nose and loud voice. This breed is used primarily to hunt small game, particularly rabbits. Beagles are great companions in all types of homes and can be good with children. They are affectionate and eager to please.

American Foxhound American foxhounds are a strong scent hound. The chase is what this running hound loves. The breed was bred from English foxhounds and originally used to hunt foxes. The breed was later used for deer hunting. Foxhounds are loyal and loving companions. However, they need to be exercised daily to maintain their energy levels and endurance.

English Springer Spaniel An English springer spaniel can be a great bird dog. It is particularly adept at flushing out and following pheasants. The retrieving abilities of this dog can rival those of golden retriever and Labrador. The English springer spaniel is slightly smaller than the Labrador and golden retriever, making it more suited for hunting in smaller areas. The springer is a great family dog when it's not working.  

Pointer The English pointer is also known as the pointer. It is a bird-dog with a strong prey drive and a determined spirit. Pointers will chase prey such as quail or pheasants with great vigor. The breed is also heat-tolerant, making it suitable for hunting in warmer environments. A pointer is a loyal and loving companion, whether on the hunt or at home on the couch.  

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Chesapeake Bay retrievers are a strong and athletic gun dog. This breed is smart and devoted to its owners. The Chessie, like the Lab, is well-suited for cold water because of its oily coat. This breed isn't everyone's best friend, however, unlike the Lab. Although a Chessie is loyal to its family, it can also be suspicious of strangers.  

Bluetick Coonhound Bluetick coonhounds are scent hounds that will chase and tree any animal they find. The bluetick coonhound has been known to chase mountain lions and cougars. They are energetic dogs with great noses. Even when they are not hunting, they can be very vocal. Although they are not ideal for apartments, the bluetick is a great companion for active families.

English Setter An English setter is a gundog known for its hunting, running and pointing skills. They can also be trained to retrieve birds, which makes them great for bird hunting. They were divided into two types due to their popularity: conformation and fields. Field dogs are smaller and lighter feathered. They are best suited for hunting. Because of their longer feathers and larger frames, conformation dogs can be used as show dogs or pets. The field setter can also be a great companion.

Irish Setter The Irish setter is a gundog known for its gorgeous red coat and graceful agility. The breed can be divided into show-quality or field dogs, just like English setters. The Irish setter is more tough than it appears. This breed is hardy, determined, and dedicated to birds. The Irish setter is a gentle, friendly companion for any family. However, they require lots of exercise to stay happy.