10 Best Dog Breeds for Swimming and Water Activities

Portuguese Water Dog Portuguese water dogs are so naturally drawn to water that they have it as part of their name. These water-loving splash masters do not need to be asked twice to get in the water. These dogs were originally bred to be a friend of fisherman, so it's not unusual to see them on boats. They are often used in dock diving competitions and other water-related dog sporting events. 

Poodle Although you might think a poodle would be more comfortable walking along a street than plunging into the water, they are water dogs at heart. The German word for "poodle" is "pudl," which means "to splash in the water". The dog's curly coat kept it warm and protected from the cold. 

Labrador Retriever Labrador retrievers are a long-standing favorite dog breed in America. They can be found anywhere, on any terrain, with their owners. The Lab was created with waterfowl hunting as a goal. These dogs love to jump into water, especially if they have a toy to retrieve. 

Chesapeake Bay Retriever These retrievers, also known as the Chessie or Chessie, are slightly larger dogs with thicker and denser coats than the Lab. The double-coated Chesapeake Bay retriever is oily, providing excellent insulation and water resistance. The dogs' warm coat combined with strength, stamina and endurance made them a great choice for long walks in the mid-Atlantic area's wet estuaries. 

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever A small-stature, water-loving retriever is one of Canada's most prized breeds. It has a unique tolling ability. Nova Scotia's duck tolling retriever is sometimes called a "toller" because of its unique ability to lure ducks into the hunting area using playful antics. 

Newfoundland The Newfoundland is gentle and water-loving. The Newfoundland was born when European fishermen brought their dogs aboard boats to Canada. These fishermen worked and lived by the sea and began to breed a hardworking companion who could also rescue people in distress. These dogs are capable of navigating through water. They are able to sense distress and help people in need. 

Curly-Coated Retriever The curly-coated retriever, like other retrievers is well-suited for life in the water. This dog's curly, tight coat helps maintain its body temperature while diving into the water to hunt. These dogs descend from two extinct breeds, the English water spaniel (also known as the retrieving setter) and the English water dog (also known as the retrieving setter). 

Boykin Spaniel The Boykin spaniel hails from the Southern United States and is known for being a friendly family pet that's well-suited to life on the water. It has webbed toes, a compact, athletic build that's great for swimming. This dog will be happy to go on the boat with you or for your next waterfowl hunting adventure. 

Schipperke The Belgian little schipperke was born. It is now a popular rodent control and watchdog. Flemish for "little Captain", "schipperke" actually refers to the small, energetic and fearless size of this little dog. Its thick coat keeps it warm in water. 

Irish Setter The Irish setter is a cross between the Irish terrier and Irish water spaniel. It also incorporates an English setter and pointer. It is designed to hunt and retrieve waterfowl. Its powerful, long limbs keep it floating in the water for long periods. Its glossy, flat coat repels water and insulates it.