10 Best Emotional Support Dog Breeds

Vizsla If you are in need of emotional support, this is the dog for you. Vizslas love to be with their owners and snuggle up in the evenings. They love being active and are extremely athletic, so make sure you have a good jogging or biking buddy to keep you healthy both mentally and physically.

Labrador Retriever Labs can be your best friend, service dog, or emotional support. The Labrador Retriever, a joyous, gentle, and bright Labrador Retriever, is infectious. He will give you lots of big, messy kisses, no matter what your mood. These dogs are eager to please and can effortlessly adapt to your moods, sharing your best and worst moments.

Yorkshire Terrier  Yorkies are a great emotional and mental companion. They also help soldiers to stay motivated when they're fighting in the trenches during WW1. Although these pups are tiny, they have a lot of affection. 

Pug  The happy, emotional support pug behind the grimy face is the one that gives the most hugs. Pugs are the most funniest and have the best thinking minds. Their instincts are intertwined with their natural desire to make people feel better. These dogs are friendly and intelligent and can easily tune into your emotions to bring you joy and positivity.

Cavalier King Charles’ Spaniel  Cavalier King Charles Spaniel-a dog so loyal and affectionate that its owner gave it its name! Because they have been raised for generations, these dogs are great companions and provide emotional support. 

Brussels Griffon  You'll be able to smile at this adorable "monkey-faced," pup in a moment. The Brussels Griffon is a curious, playful, affectionate and sensitive dog. 

Golden Retriever  These giants, who are affectionate and easy to hug, have been a favorite breed for many years and are considered the best dog breed to provide emotional support and love. Golden retrievers are kind and patient and have an unfailing friendliness, making them ideal for children, adults and people with special needs.

Corgi  The Corgis is a great dog for emotional support. This intelligent, affectionate, and lightheaded dog is a great choice. His loving smile and loyalty will set the right mood. 

Irish Wolfhound  The Irish Wolfhound should be included in emotional support dogs. These canines are naturally protectors and that's what everyone knows. Irish Wolfhounds can be so patient and sensitive that they can make things right again. 

Chihuahua  Chihuahua, a small dog that can be used to aid people with mental disorders, is very friendly and easy to train. Chi's are a breed that is full of character and grit. They will wish you were there all the time.