10 Best Hairless Cat Breeds for a Unique Pet Pal

Bambino The bambino, a tiny, hairless, pint-sized cat with no fur, is also known as the "baby" or "child" of Italian. The dwarf feline is a mix of the sphynx or the munchkin. Some cats may have some fur on their ears, tail and legs. Others are completely hairless. These cats are outgoing, playful, affectionate, and very affectionate. 

Donskoy The Donskoy, also known as Don hairless in Russian, Don sphynx or Don Russian hairless is a unique species. The recessive genetic mutation that causes hairlessness in the sphynx results in its hairlessness. The Donskoy, on the other hand, gets its hairlessness from an dominant gene. 

Dwelf The dwelf is a cross between the American curl, munchkin and sphynx cat species. This breed has a hairless, compact, and elf-like appearance due to multiple mutations. 

Elf The result of crossing a sphynx with an American curl breed is the playful and friendly elf cat. This larger version of the Dwelf can be found when you cross the two. The soft, downy skin of these cats is similar to peach fuzz. Some cats have small patches of hair around their ears, nose, and tail. 

Lykoi The lykoi, also known as the werewolf cats, isn't always completely hairless. Some lykoi cats have a full-length black-gray hair, while others have a predominantly hairless coat. These cats have no hair on their heads, behind their ears, legs, or feet. 

Minskin Minskin is a short-legged and hairless cat that was created from a mix of a munchin, a sphynx, and a munchin. This breed often has fine, sparse fur, particularly at the "points", which are the nose, ears, legs and tail. Their bellies are nearly always completely hairless. 

Peterbald The Peterbald is a graceful feline with prominent features, long limbs and elegant looks. The Peterbald is a cross of the Oriental shorthair and the Donskoy. Some Peterbalds don't have hair. Some kittens are born with a fine, downy hair that they shed or keep for their entire lives. Sometimes, a Peterbald may be born with a full-length coat that is similar to a normal cat. 

Sphynx The sphynx is Canada's most famous hairless cat breed. It was first introduced in Canada in 1960. The sphynx is a natural recessive genetic mutation that was developed by crossbreeding shorthair cats with longhair cats. This created a large gene pool. Some sphynx cats may have a downy or patchy hair on their tails, legs and face. 

Sphynx Hybrid Breeders still use the hairless mutation from sphynx cats to create new hybrids. Although it looks almost identical to the sphynx's, it has either a shorter, bobbed tail or is tailless. While hybrids aren’t recognized as breeds, they expand the number of hairless cats. 

Ukrainian Levkoy The Ukrainian levkoy is unique because of its hairless body, inward-folding ears and distinctive appearance. These cats are a mix of the Donskoy and Scottish Fold cat breeds. They are friendly, intelligent, playful and can get along with other pets.