10 Cat Breeds That Are Rare to Find

Scottish Fold Scottish Fold cats are named after their adorable folded ears. Although the folds are caused by a gene that alters ear cartilage, not all Scottish Fold cats have them. These cats are charming in any case. The original Scottish fold was a Scottish barn cat that was originally bred in Scotland for its distinctive folded ears. It was exported to the United Kingdom in 1960s.

Norwegian Forest Cat Names are clues to the history of the Norwegian forest cat breed. The skogkatt is a Norwegian breed called natural European. It descends from domestic cats introduced by the Romans. According to Norse myths, the cats have been in Norway for hundreds upon hundreds of years. In the 1980s, the American forest cat became more popular in Norway. 

Sphynx The distinctive physical characteristics of the sphynx breed are easily identifiable by their large ears and hairless bodies. This cat is a great pet for people with severe allergies. These cats are cold and prone to getting cold because they don't have hair. ancient Egypt has seen hairless cats throughout history. 

Egyptian Mau The Egyptian mau, which is the only domesticated spotted cat breed, is prized for its beautiful coat. These cats are known for their beautiful looks and their hunting skills. Egyptian maus, which were first thought to have been domestic cats of ancient Egyptians thousands years ago, may be the oldest domestic cat breed. In the 1980s, maus were introduced to the United States. 

Korat Although Korat cats are only a relatively new breed in America, their history dates back thousands of years. This breed originated in Thailand and was first recorded in ancient artifacts dating back to the 13th century. They were introduced to Europe in the 1800s and gained the name "blue Siamese" cat due to their bright blue coats and small bodies. In the USA, Korats were introduced in the 1950s. 

British Shorthair The British shorthair is a great choice if you are looking for a playful and mischievous companion for your cat. Their personality is calm, reserved, and quiet. British shorthair cats are native British cats, but they could have been imported by the Romans in the first century A.D. British blue cats are also called British shorthairs because of their blue-grey hairs. 

Peterbald Although the history of Peterbald cats is not long, it is fascinating. This unique cat was first discovered in Russia in 1980. Because of its lack of hair, it was named the Don sphynx. The new breed was brought to St. Petersberg in Russia where scientists created a fine, short-haired oriental cat with a Don's sphynx. One of their kittens was the basis of the Peterbald breed. 

Minskin A minskin is a munchkin kitten crossed with a sphynx. Minskins are a combination of the munchkin's short, narrow bodies and the sparsely clad sphynx. They make a distinctive looking cat. In 2000, Boston, Massachusetts was home to the first minskin. 

American Bobtail The American Bobtail Cat is a domesticated feline that can be compared to wild bobcats. It can be hard to find this unique breed. Although the American bobtail is a native North American breed that has existed since the 1960s it was not popularized until the 2000s. 

LaPerm LaPerms are named after their curly or wavy hair, which comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns. You can find tight ringlets, or long corkscrew curls in the coat. LaPerm was an accidental genetic mutation that occurred in regular tabby farm cat litters in Oregon in the 1980s.