10 Cat Breeds That Are the Most Affectionate

Ragdoll Ragdoll cats have been bred to be loving companions. Ragdolls can follow their owners from room to room and greet them when they return home after a hard day. They even play fetch. Ragdoll cats can be friendly with children and other pets making them great family pets. 

Scottish Fold It's all about your ears with this breed. As the breed developed, a random mutation occurred. These cats developed a genetic trait that causes their ears to fold forward. Breeders started breeding these cats to be unique because cat lovers loved their distinctive appearance. 

Sphynx Sphynx cats don't have hair so they need heat. Sphynxes are primarily attracted to humans for their heat. These cats get something in return for their warmth, and their human companions reap the cuddly rewards. 

Maine Coon Maine coons are American natives. Some believe that their history dates back at least to cats who traveled with Viking explorers. Some believe these large kitties are a mixture of a cat and a raccoon. However, this is scientifically impossible. 

Persian One of North America's most beloved cat breeds is the Persian. Their long flowing, beautiful coats make them look stunning and they have an affectionate, calm temperament. Persians are very quiet and not very active. They love to lie on the couch, and they are content with gentle hand contact and ear scratches from their owners. 

Siamese You can expect to have lengthy conversations with your Siamese cat if you bring one into your home. The Siamese cat is extremely social. Siamese cats are known for their distinctive mask-like appearance and stunning pale blue eyes. Their affectionate personalities and beautiful looks have made them popular among cat-lovers all over the globe. 

Bombay Although this breed is not common in North America, it does have a loyal following. Bombay owners love that their cats are so affectionate and people-oriented. They are distinguished by their black, sleek coat and brilliant copper eyes. You'll fall in love with a smart, cuddly, and adorable Bombay once you meet them. 

Tonkinese Breeders wanted a gentle, affectionate and intelligent cat breed. To get the best of both Siamese, Burmese traits, the Tonkinese was created by crossing them. 

American Shorthair The American shorthair is the most common housecat in the United States. Because of their friendly personality and distinctive coats, they are a popular pet in North America. American shorthairs can be adapted to any situation, which makes them great pets for families who have children or are constantly on the move. 

Birman Birman cats are beautiful. Birman cats are beautiful with their piercing blue eyes, long silky hair and elegant demeanour. Birmans, like the American shorthairs, love to be around people and can adapt to any home.