10 Cat Breeds With Black and White Coloring

Maine Coon The Maine coon is one the largest cat breeds. It is also known for its gentle nature. They are well-known for their beautiful appearance and lustrous coat. Maine coons are often tabby but can be found in a variety of coat colors and patterns including black and white. 

Cornish Rex The black-and-white Cornish Rex, with its curly hair and large ears, is a sight to behold. Sometimes they are called the greyhound of cats. This breed is energetic and social, and thrives when they have company. 

Manx Cat The Manx is a dog-like creature, similar to the Cornish Rex. They are playful, friendly, calm, energetic, and good with other dogs. Manx cats are smart and very trainable. They are usually a tailless breed, with a shorter stump sometimes. You can find them in many different colors of fur, including white and black. 

Munchkin The Munchkin breed's short legs are due to a genetic mutation. There are many color options for Munchkins, including black and white. 

Oriental Shorthair The Oriental shorthair, which is often confused with the Siamese cousin, is a distinct breed. These cats are not Siamese and can be found in many colors and patterns, including black and white. 

Persian The pure white Persian is the most prized and photographed of all the breeds, but they are also available in black and white. This breed is easily identifiable by their thick, dense coats, large, vibrant eyes, and smushed faces. 

Scottish Fold The Scottish fold is known for its small, folded-over ears. It has an impish appearance. They are very friendly and affectionate cats. They are known for being friendly and laid-back and can live with other pets and children. 

Siberian Cat Siberian cats have a dense, semi-longhaired triple coat. This fur is essential for survival in the subarctic Siberian forests. Due to its playful, affectionate personality and stunning looks, the Siberians are gaining popularity in America. Siberians are intelligent and active. They need enrichment in order to avoid boredom. 

Turkish Angora The elegant, long-haired Turkish Angora used to be associated with white. While they are most often found in white, they can also be found in black or white. Turkish Angoras are best suited for households where they will be accompanied most of the day. 

Domestic Mixed Breed Cat (Moggies) They are also known as moggies, or domestic mixed-breed cats. These cats can be found most often in shelters and rescue groups across the country. They are intelligent, beautiful, and affectionate. There are many coat patterns and colors available, including black and white.