10 Curious Facts About Octopuses

Three hearts make up the Octopus. Two move blood beyond the gills, while the third moves blood to its organs. Their blood is blue.

Swimming stops their hearts beating, and they are more likely to crawl than swim fast.

Octoberopi are old - the oldest fossil dates back 296 million years.

They are able to hide behind their skin to imitate the environment.

Studies have shown that octopi can learn from the behavior of other octopuses

They were observed using "tools", which are shells, stones and other objects that can be used to build fortresses.

Scared, most octopuses release ink that dulls predators' sense of smell and blocks them from seeing.

An octopus can escape from a predator by losing one of its arms and can grow it again later.

The bite of an octopus is similar to a beak and can produce venomous saliva. Blue-ring octopus can kill humans in minutes with its powerful venom.

Female octopi can conceive up to 100,000 eggs. The mother dies soon after the eggs hatch.