10 Dog Breeds That Look Like Bears

Akita The Akita, also known by the "silent hunters", is calm and temperamental. It can be difficult to train. It is the largest Japanese Spitz breed. It has thick ears and a thick coat that gives it a bear-like appearance.

Great Pyrenees The Pyrenees Mountains of France and Spain are the inspiration for the Great Pyrenees. The large size and lush white coat can make it look almost like a polar bear. They were herding dogs, and their job was to protect flocks against predators such as wolves and bears.

Chow Chow Chow chows can be described as a Chinese breed. They are cuddly and cute with thick hair or ruff. They are muscular and have a long furry hair.

Samoyed Samoyeds are a Russian spitz-breed. These dogs are strong and intelligent, and were originally bred to pull sleds on polar expeditions. With their thick white coats and fluffy tails, they are playful and affectionate.

Newfoundland Although Newfoundlands are large, they can also be gentle and patient. Newfoundlands are excellent guard dogs and can protect their children. They were originally bred to be working dogs for Canadian fishermen. Because of their thick fur and large heads, they have a bear-like look.

Keeshond The Dutch Patriots Party's Party adopted the Keeshond as its emblem in the 18th century. It was affectionately known as the "people's dog". It was a companion and guard on early Dutch ships. The Keeshond is a pet bear with its small ears and furry face.

caucasian shepherd Named after Eastern Europe's Kavkaz Mountains, the Caucasian shepherd was named after them. Their size is almost as large as a small bear. Because of their muscular build and thick coats, these dogs look bear-like.

Leonberger Leonbergers were originally imported from Germany to serve as royal companions. Leonbergers are strong and large enough to pull carts. Despite their size and thick fur, these dogs are gentle and calm despite their bear-like appearance.

Eurasier The Eurasier is a mixed-breed dog from Europe and Asia that loves to be with its family. Although not the largest bear-like dog breed, the Eurasier is muscular and has thick fur.

Pomeranian Pomeranians are small dogs with bear-like features, but they don't look bear-like. They have a Teddy Bear-like appearance due to their round ears and puffy fur. They are intelligent and confident.