10 Dog Breeds That Point Out Prey

Bracco Italiano The Italian pointer is also known as the bracco Italiano roots, or the "Italian dog". It dates back to the 5th Century. They are the oldest European pointers. They were reintroduced to the wild by a dedicated breeding program in the early 20th-century that used two bracco varieties from Italy's Piedmont and one from the Lombardy regions.

Brittany Brittany, also known as spaniels or pointing dogs, is often referred to. These dogs were developed in Brittany's Northern region around 17th century. These hunting dogs are small and medium-sized. These canines are highly-in demand for their size, temperament, and skills.

English Pointer English pointers are often simply called a pointer. The breed's origins date back to the 17th Century, but it was developed in the 20th century. The popularity of shooting birds in flight in England grew with these dogs.

English Setter The English setter is one of the most beloved three silky-coated setters that originated in the United Kingdom. This breed is a continuation of the bracco Italiano. In 15th century art, dogs resembling this setter are featured. This breed gained popularity with English owners who enjoyed hunting.

German Shorthaired Pointer Germany is known for its meticulous development of hunting dogs. Experts consider them the best hunting dog. The cross of English and Spanish pointers, and the now extinct German bird dog, resulted in this breed. The breed was recognized by an official studbook in the late 19th century and could be imported to other countries.

Spinone Italiano Another Italian pointing breed is the spinone Italiano. These dogs are from Italy's Piedmont region. Their name comes from the spinone Italiano undergrowth that they had to navigate when hunting.

Vizsla Hungarian vizsla, which means "tracker", can be traced back to the 8th Century when the country was ruled by ancient Magyar clans. These dogs were agile and durable, which made them valuable hunting partners for tribesmen. The country's noblemen loved them for their speed and versatility.

Weimaraner Another German breed is the Weimaraner, which is well-known for its pointing abilities. The Weimaraner was originally used by hunters to hunt big game. However, they became popular as a gun dog.

Irish Setter The Irish setter was originally bred to hunt. It is a "setter" dog that locates gamebirds and points them towards them. They are versatile hunters, and can be used in both fields and on dry or wet moors. Their keen sense of smell helps them find birds. The Irish setter is able to point in the direction the bird is hiding.

Gordon Setter The Gordon setter is the largest setter breed and can be difficult for novice dog owners. The Gordon setter is a strong protector dog and will be wary of strangers. This companion hunter crouchs down, "sets" and freezes to point hunters to its quarry in brush.