10 Doglike Cats For The Animal Lover Who Can’t Own A Dog

Savannah cats Savannah cats have a lot of dog-like traits. They are loyal and strong-attached to their owners. The exotic Savannah cat is a great choice if you are looking for a playful playmate. They are athletic and adventurous and can also jump and swim well.

The ragdoll The ragdoll's beautiful baby blues and soft, fluffy fur make it hard to resist. They are often called "puppy cats" and are an easy-going, friendly breed of cat. Their name is fitting because they are known to be happy in the arms of their owners and melt with joy.

Bombay cats Bombays are known as "velcro cats" for their ability to attach themselves to people. These cat-like dogs are often close to their owners and will follow them around from one room to the next. These cats are social and interactive making them an excellent alternative to dogs for animal lovers who don't have a pet.

Bengal cats Although they are not the most easy-care breed, the Bengal cat can be very active and playful. Their playful antics will keep you entertained. By crossing Asian leopards and domestic cats, the Bengal got its wild appearance. These cats are always moving.

The Birman Maybe you prefer a quieter, calmer cat breed. The Birman is a sweet, gentle cat. Folklore and mystery surround the history of this cat-like breed. Legends claim that they were once sacred cats in Burma. Some people also believe these cats possess divine power. Although we can't comment on their divinity, their charismatic looks and personalities certainly have the power to influence our animal-loving hearts.

Maine Coons These gentle giants of the cat world are among the most dog-like breeds. They are known for their sweet disposition and love of water. Maine coons can swim well and will cooperate more at bath time than other felines.

Siamese cat This is where you can find the most doglike cat. Siamese cat are great companions for those looking for an interactive, social, and affectionate pet. They don't mind being around other cats or children and are happy to be accompanied by them.

Turkish Angora Are you up for the challenges of a willful and active pet? The challenge for lovers of the stunning Turkish Angora is worth it. This breed is great for anyone looking for a cat that looks like a dog. These cats are intelligent and can open cabinets and turn on faucets. VetStreet warns the Turkish Angora that he prefers interactive play to entertaining himself. This cat is best for those who can give him lots of attention and playtime.

Manx cats The Manxcat is more than its famously large posterior, which is due to a genetic mutation. This cat-like breed is very people-oriented. The Manx is a great choice for dog lovers because of its playful disposition and high intelligence. He enjoys learning new tricks and loves puzzle feeders and interactive toys.

Abyssinian cats This playful, affectionate breed is often called the "Abysilly-an". This cat is very active. This cat is very active. They are more comfortable being involved in the family and can become depressed if they are left alone.