10 Fun Facts About the American Bulldog

1. The journey to America Bulldogs were originally domesticated in England to work cattle and watch over their owners' properties. Bull baiting is a blood sport that the breed was born to because of its courage and experience with livestock. The original Bulldog was saved by working-class immigrants, who brought their Bulldogs with them to the American South to fulfill many jobs on their small farms or ranches. 

2. One breed, two look Due to the variety of jobs that the breed was required to perform, many bloodlines were created. Each one promoted the necessary physical traits to fulfill the function. The Johnson and Scott types are the most well-known, having a larger body, heavier bones, larger heads, and more of an "bully" appearance. The Scott type is more athletic and more suited for performance events and is more athletic. Many American Bulldogs today are a mix of the two original lines. 

3. Catch dog A catch dog is a specially trained dog that can catch large animals while hunting, baiting, or working with livestock. Hunters distinguish between "catch dogs" and "bay dogs". These dogs are trained to catch prey animals and alert their handlers by howling and baying. 

4. Socialization is key To help them feel at ease with people who are kind to them, it is important that they are exposed to friendly people on an ongoing basis. Dogs of this size and strength may be suspicious of anyone they meet, which can lead to a lack of socialization. 

5. A liberal breed standard The American Bulldog standard, unlike other breed standards, does not specify a specific dog's proportions or characteristics. It allows the ears to hang naturally, be semi-erect, or be cropped. The tail can be left natural long or docked. Eyes of any color are allowed, though dark brown is preferred. 

6. Does size matter? It's not so. American Bulldogs can be expected to be strong and agile enough to catch and chase livestock. However, their working heritage has not dictated their height or weight. Some dogs are more athletic and leaner than others, while some are larger and beefier. 

7. Not for the fastidiou American Bulldogs, despite being short-haired, are heavy shedders. They will leave a trail of coarse, short hairs on your hands after you have touched them. American Bulldogs with large jowls and thick hair will slobber after drinking and eating. 

8. Channel that strength The American Bulldog is big and powerful. It's obvious that their owners must be athletic. Although the bulldog is generally calm and easygoing, they need to be exercised regularly. They will become destructive if they are not given attention. They are a strong-willed breed and require a consistent, confident owner. 

9. Consider adopting an adult If you want your American Bulldog puppy to be a good companion, it will take a lot of effort, time and training. You can compare this to choosing an adult dog. This allows you to see the dog's personality and determine if he is the right match for you. 

10. American Bulldogs and pop culture The American Bulldog can often be seen in TV commercials and movies. He exudes strength, control, power and undeniable cool. The 2013 movie Joe starred Nicolas Cage and featured an American Bulldog. Michael J. voiced Chance, an American Bulldog in Homeward Bound : The Incredible Journey (1993). Fox.