10 Incredible Giraffe Facts

There Are 10 Incredible Giraffe Facts

Giraffes Are One Of The World'S Most Amazing Animals, They Are A Part Of The Giraffidae Family With The Only Other Member Being The Okapi Light Yellow Arrow

Giraffes Height Is Extraordinary But There Are Other Amazing Things To Learn About This Animal

The Neck Of A Giraffe Can Be Over 7 Feet, But Some Giraffes Are As Tall As 7 Feet

Giraffes Have The Highest Blood Pressure Of Any Other Animal Because Of Their Massive Height

Giraffes Can Walk Within 30 Minutes And Are 6 Feet Tall, Even With Their Large Size, They Are Still Able To Walk Within 30 Minutes Of Being Born

Giraffes Can Survive On A Short Amount Of Sleep Compared To Other Animals

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Everything You Need To Know About Giraffes