10 Largest Domesticated Cat Breeds

Maine Coon The Maine coon, a strong and shaggy large domesticated cat, is well-built. Many stories have been told about how this breed came to be. They are believed to have originated in America from a cross of a housecat and a raccoon. However, this myth has been disproven scientifically. 

Ragdoll Because of its gentle, cuddly and affectionate nature, the ragdoll is a beloved pet. When picked up, ragdolls fall into the arms of their loved ones just like rag dolls. 

Norwegian Forest Cat Imagine a long-haired, wild barn cat with large yellow eyes and muscular build. Then you'd find an entry in the Encyclopedia for a Norwegian Forest Cat. Norwegian forest cats are a great companion pet that will always be there for you.

Persian cat The Persian cat's most distinctive feature is its face. The long-haired Persian cat's face is a striking feature. It has a flat, round face with a short muzzle. This gives it a more squished look. The cat's long hair makes it appear larger. It is actually one of the smaller breeds. 

Chausie The Chausie, a rare breed that is exotic in appearance, is an active and intelligent cat. The history of the Chausie dates back to ancient Egyptians. The Latin name "felis Chaus" for the Chausie means "jungle cat". People gave it this name due to its hunting skills, regal demeanor, and large-and-in charge appearance. 

Siberian cat The Siberian cat breed is unique. It is strong, robust, and intelligent. The Siberian cat was raised in a harsh climate, with short summers and long winters. The breed was raised indoors away from the elements to show its true colors. 

Savannah cat Savannah cats are a mix of a domestic cat, a serval and an African wild cat. They are medium-sized with large ears. The Savannah cat is a popular choice for big cat lovers due to its exotic appearance that resembles a leopard. 

American Bobtail This domesticated cat is distinguished by its stubby, bobbed tail. The bobcat also has long hind legs, and a alert hunting gaze. 

Ragamuffin The ragamuffin and a larger breed of dog, the ragdoll, are closely related. The ragamuffin is large and affectionate, as well as mellow. Ragamuffin cats are well-known for their gentle nature and thick, luxurious coat. Although their personality is similar to that of a ragdoll cat, their faces are more friendly and have larger, rounder eyes. 

Bengal cat It's difficult to believe that the Bengal cat is domesticated and not wild at first glance. The Bengal cat breed is athletic and has a distinctive, patterned coat. Bengal owners claim that this breed is just as friendly and loving as any other domestic cat. They are people-oriented cats who love to climb and play all day.