10 Long-Lived Dog Breeds

Beagle (15−17 years) The Beagle is a great family dog. The Beagle is the right dog for you if you are a good samaritan and can live with Snoopy, a cheerful, disobedient Beagle. Beagles can gain weight quickly so make sure to give them the exercise they need.

Boston Terrier (11−13 years) The affectionate city dweller is charming and fashionable, but also a show-off. His main problems in lifelong health are breathing and eye problems.

Chihuahua (17−20 years) The Chihuahua is a small, old breed that has great spirit. However, they must be protected from the cold. These dogs are intelligent and fearless and they prefer calm environments.

Dachshund (12−15 years) H. L. Mencken, an American humorist, best described this breed: "A Dachshund's height is about a third of a normal dog." He also didn't mention the fact that they have at least three dogs for courage. There are many types of Dachshunds. They can be intelligent, loyal, and brash.

Lhasa Apso (15−20 years) The Lhasa Apso, the regal Lhasa Apso, was created as a sentinel dog for Tibetan monasteries. They are extremely healthy and loyal to their owner. However, they dislike strangers and won't tolerate rude children. They will, however, repay their loving owners with devoted (though sometimes condescending) affection.

Maltese (12−15 years) It is hard to believe that once the elegant and sweet Maltese was a terrifying killer of rats. This playful snuggler loves to lounge on your lap or go for short walks around the block. He should be loved by all.

Miniature Schnauzer (14−15 years) This intelligent, hardy family dog is a great friend to children and will continue to be active well into his old age. He is a gentleman. Professional grooming is necessary for his harsh terrier coat.

Pomeranian (14−16 years) The active and animated Pomeranian was loved by Queen Victoria. The Pomeranian, a playful and affectionate toy dog, is smart and demanding of attention. Poms tend to form a close bond with one person.

Shih Tzu (15−20 years) The friendly and mischievous Shih Tzu is perhaps the most charming of all toy dogs. It was originally bred to be the companion to Ming Dynasty emperors. Professional grooming is necessary for their dense, long coats.

Toy Poodle (16−20 years) All Poodles live a long life, but the Toy Poodle is the longest-lived. They shed very little, are highly trained, and have a great sense of humor.