10 Popular Cat Breeds for Many Types of Households

Abyssinian The Abyssinian (also known as the Aby) is an active and lively cat. Many Abyssinians love water and will spend their time exploring and climbing in your home. You will earn a lifetime of loyalty by providing lots of interactive play opportunities for your Aby.

American Shorthair The American shorthair is the pedigreed form of the domestic shorthair and requires very little maintenance. These cats are tough, gentle, and adaptable to all aspects of life. Many American shorthairs are able to get along with other pets and children if they have been socialized from an early age.

British Shorthair The British shorthair is the oldest breed of natural cat from England. British shorthairs can be moderately active but are great household cats. They can also get along children and other pets. Although they are not the most affectionate of cats, they do enjoy being near their loved ones.

Exotic Because it is similar in appearance to the Persian cat's Persian cat, but requires less care, the exotic has been called "the lazy man's Persian". The only thing that will keep your exotic's coat free from tangles is a once-a-week brushing or combing. Although exotics are affectionate lap cats and love to play, they can also be playful.

Maine Coon Contrary to popular belief, the Maine coon doesn't result from a cat crossing with a raccoon. It is most likely a cross of an American domestic cat with a long-haired foreign cat. Maine coons are known for being gentle giants and they can be comfortable with children and pets. Although they are affectionate and very engaged with their loved ones, they don't usually demand attention.

Persian It's easy to see why Persians are so popular with their sweet, fluffy coats and affectionate disposition. Persians thrive in calm and predictable environments. To keep their coats clean and shiny, they must be combed every day to avoid tangles.

Ragdoll Ragdoll cats were named after their ability to relax and go limp when held by a person. They love their owners and will go with them everywhere. They can be playful and are very patient with other pets and children. They are able to walk on a leash and have moderate energy levels.

Scottish Fold The Scottish fold has ears that are folded forward, but occasionally kittens will have straight ears. All Scottish fold kittens have straight ears from birth. They begin to bend forward in a few months. They are affectionate, easygoing and adapt well to different living situations.

Siamese Siamese cats are known affectionately as "Meezers" and are one of the most well-known cat breeds. These cats are intelligent, curious, and very chatty. They "talk" to their owners every day to share their opinions and get attention. They need entertainment, whether it is interactive toys, on-leash walks or on-leash walking. Or they may seek out their own games like turning on the faucets.