10 Smartest Cat Breeds

Abyssinian Cat They are curious, playful, and active. They can climb well and have a sense of adventure that is balanced with commonsense. They aren't too adventurous and enjoy challenging situations. Abyssinian cats are very affectionate to their humans and love being with them.

Balinese Cat They are curious, alert, and keen. They are vocal and love to get involved in all that is happening around them. Balinese cats are very affectionate and enjoy playing. They are great pets for families with young children. They can also be sensitive to the owner's mood and will stay close to any person feeling sick or low.

Turkish Van Cat Turkish Van cats have a semi-long hair with no apparent undercoat. Their water-repellent coat has a cashmere/rabbit fur feel. These cats are larger than other cat breeds. They have board shoulders and a hefty body. Although the back legs are slightly longer that the front, the cat still has the right proportions. They are strong and have strong muscles.

Bengal Bengal cats are very energetic and love to play. They view everything as something they can play with, and are very bored easily. To prevent boredom turning into destruction, they need companionship and opportunities to climb and hunt.

Scottish Fold Cat The Scottish Fold cat is a regular cat who thrives on routine. The Scottish Fold cat forms strong bonds with its owner and will often follow him from one room to the next. They are outgoing, confident cats that remain kitten-like throughout their lives.

Burmese Cat Burmese cats can be affectionate and friendly. To thrive, they need to be loved and cared for by their families. Burmese cats are very demanding and will follow their owners wherever they go, asking for cuddles and attention. They are very playful and love interactive fetch games. They can also solve problems and figure out how to open doors.

Siamese Cat It is easily identifiable by its striking blue eyes and pointed ears. Their athletic bodies are balanced by their elegant, delicate legs. The well-balanced wedge-shaped head and large, pointed ears make them a striking sight. They are alert and very oriental. Their eyes are slanted towards their nose, with good width.

Cornish Rex The Cornish Rex is a close-knit family member and enjoys being with people. They are quick to learn and love playing fetch. They have many dog-like traits and can get bored quickly if left alone. They can display destructive behavior if they are bored.

Havana Brown The Havana Brown is a Siamese cat that thrives on routine. They have many dog-like traits and are close to their families. They will follow their owners from one room to the next to check on what they are doing. They love company and are extremely talkative.

Singapura Cat The Singapura cat is calmer than its oriental counterparts, and more reserved. It is affectionate and friendly, however. They enjoy sitting on their human's shoulders or knees and love to snuggle up with them.  Singapura cats are playful and active cats. They are quick learners and very curious.