10 Surprising Facts About Savannah Cats

Savannah cats come from a proud lineage A wild African serval was crossed with a Siamese domestic cat to create the unique characteristics of the Savannah cat. This crossing gave the Savannah cat its exotic wild cat appearance as well as their homely temperament.

Savannahs have a striking appearance Savannah cats are bred to look majestic and dignified. The beautiful spots that run across the golden hair of this long, leggy breed are beautiful. They are instantly identifiable by their large, straight ears.

Savannah cats have a unique temperament Savannah cats are said to have a dog-like demeanor. Savannah cats are happy to be with their owners and will follow their owners around the house.

These cats have tons of energy Savannahs are very energetic and athletic. Savannahs are active and social, unlike most felines who would rather nap all day. They love to play with you! This is not the best choice for someone looking for a lazy lap cat. If you are looking for a playful companion, a Savannah cat might be right for you.

They like the water! Although it's difficult to imagine a Savannah taking a plunge in the water, they are very happy swimming. Savannahs are known to join their owners in the bathroom.

Savannah cats are athletic jumpers It's not unusual for a Savannah to leap from a tall cabinet or refrigerator. Savannahs can leap up to eight feet high so make sure they are supervised.

They’re highly intelligent and inquisitive animals These curious cats can be taught simple commands with proper training. You can teach your Savannah cat to retrieve toys and they will love puzzles and games.

They enjoy being walked on a leash Do you dream of owning a cat you can walk around with on the streets? Savannah cats can be successfully leashed-trained . It takes patience and practice, but it is worth the joy of taking your cat to the park.

Savannah cats cost a pretty penny These stunning-looking cats are not cheap. Prices range from $1,000 to $20,000 depending upon several factors.

Ownership restrictions may apply To find out if hybrid ownership is allowed, check with your state. Although Savannahs are considered domestic cats in most states, some states have more restrictive ownership laws. The Savannah Cat Association states that laws can differ between cities and states.