10 Things People Do That Dogs Can't Stand

Hugging Although it is cute to see photos of people hugging their dogs, the truth is that they are not very comfortable. Dogs don't like strangers hugging them. Although dogs don't like strangers hugging them, it is possible for them to resist being wrapped around their necks or bodies. 

Getting in a Dog's Face and Personal Space Dogs dislike humans touching their faces, much like people hugging them. Imagine how that would make you feel. Do not put your hands in the dogs' faces, be a tower over them, or rush towards them. This is especially important for dogs that don't know you. 

Not Letting a Dog Sniff and Explore on Walk Dogs love going on walks to exercise. Your dog will enjoy exploring the outdoors by going for a walk. Dogs explore the world through their senses, first with scent and then with other senses. Humans explore the world through sight. It is rude to rush your dog along a walk without allowing him time to sniff and mark. 

Lack of Routine and Rule Although your dog might not appear to be following the rules, he still needs them. Your dog may be acting out because you haven't taught him the rules. Training can help you provide structure for your dog's daily life. Because your dog's internal clock is set, it is important to have a routine. You should feed your dog the same way every day. If possible, establish a routine for exercising your dog. 

Yelling and Harsh Punishment People don't like being yelled at, or punished harshly (such as spanking). Although dogs may not be able to understand what we are saying, they can sense your emotions and feel the pain when you say it. You may find that harsh punishments and yelling can cause anxiety in a dog who is sensitive or afraid. These methods will not build your relationship and fear does not equal respect. 

Dressing Them Up If you don't get your dog used to wearing clothes gradually (or as puppies), it's likely that your dog dislikes dressing up . While some dogs can tolerate costumes and outfits, others don't like them. Before you force your dog to wear a bunny costume, get to know him! 

Strong Fragrance If you didn't know, your dog's senses of smell are 10,000 to 100,000 times more sensitive that yours. Dogs love all kinds of smells and odors. But strong scents and chemicals can cause irritation and discomfort to dogs. 

Being Left Alone or Ignored Dogs love being surrounded by people and are generally social creatures. While some dogs can be comforted by another dog, others prefer human companionship. 3 In extreme cases, dogs may fear being left alone and develop separation anxiety . 

Forcing Them Into Uncomfortable Situation It's something that most of us have witnessed: Your dog refuses to go anywhere or do anything. It could be the tub. It's often the veterinarian. Sometimes, it's the street or a car. Sometimes it's a particular person or animal that your dog is afraid of. Your dog might be refusing to go because he fears or has phobias . 

Being Upset There are ups and downs in life. It's impossible to expect your dog to always be happy. Your dog will sense your emotions due to the close relationship you have. Your dog will feel the effects of your depression, stress, grief, and other emotions. Some dogs may feel the same emotions as you, and become sad or sick. Others may become bored or frustrated, and will "act out" when they don't get enough.