10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Pug

1. Buddhist Monks Kept Them as Pet The earliest recorded Pugs come from China. They were kept as pets in Tibetan Buddhist monasteries. Pugs are one of the oldest dog breeds, having been around since at least 400 B.C.

2. They Were Bred To Be Lap Dog Pugs were originally created to be lapdogs of Chinese emperors. Pugs are more active than other breeds. 

3. Their Face Wrinkles Are a Badge Of Honor Because Chinese breeders deliberately bred pugs with wrinkled faces, they intentionally gave them this appearance. The breeders wanted to make wrinkles on the foreheads of the dogs, similar to the Chinese character for " prince". 

4. Their Name Probably Comes From Their Facial Expression Most people believe that the name of the breed is derived from marmoset mongoos. These monkeys were also known as Pug monkeys. Marmosets were a popular pet in the early 1800s and their faces are very similar to those of Pug dogs. 

5. One Pug Saved His Royal Master's Life In the 1500s, the Dutch revolted against the Spaniards under the leadership of the first Prince William of Orange. Spanish soldiers tried to assassinate William at Hermingny 1572. However, William's Pug, Pompey , stopped the attack. They tried to sneak up on Prince William's tent but Pompey heard them, and started barking. Pompey's heroic acts made the Pug the official breed of House of Orange. 

6. Napoleon's Wife Had a Feisty Pug Napoleon's wife Josephine had a Pug named Fortune who was loyal and protected. Fortune was a loyal and protective Pug named Fortune that Josephine had while she was in prison during Napoleon's Reign of Terror. It carried messages from Josephine to her first husband. After Josephine refused to remove her beloved dog from the marriage, Fortune is best known for biting Napoleon. 

7. Many Other Famous People Have Owned Pug Pugs were the choice of royals, historical figures and celebrities. Queen Victoria loved Pugs. Harriet Beecher Stowe was the author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin. She had two pugs named Punch, and Missy. Rob Zombie, a heavy metal singer, has a pug called Dracula. Valentino, an Italian designer, had a pug called Oliver after which he named one his clothing lines. Hugh Laurie and Tori Spelling are other Pug-owning celebrities. 

8. Pugs Were a Symbol of the Freemason A group of Catholics formed a secret Freemason society, the Order of the Pug, after the Catholic Church prohibited Catholics from becoming Freemasons. Because Pugs are trustworthy and loyal, they chose the Pug to be their symbol. You had to wear a collar for your dog and scratch at the door in order to be initiated into the Order. 

9. They Are Not Related To Bulldog Sometimes, Pugs are called "Dutch Bulldogs", but this is a little misleading. DNA testing proved that Bulldogs are not related to Pugs. Although the Bulldog's Pug has the same shape and features as the Pug, the Pug is smaller in stature, has a flat face, and wrinkles, the Pug was born to the Pekingese. 

10. A Group Of Pugs Is Called a “Grumble” Pugs are adorable as can be. Combine them and you have an adorable grumble.