10 Things to Know Before You Adopt a Border Collie

Border Collies Are Full Of Energy A Border Collie is a great choice if you are looking for an energetic dog that can run and jump with amazing endurance. This breed requires regular walks. Over-exerting them in one area for too long can cause them to become agitated and can result in negative behavior. Your new friend should have plenty of room to run around and burn some of the fuel. 

They’re Highly Intelligent Border Collies are extremely intelligent. You will want to keep them interested and engaged with stimulating tasks. Training can help you achieve this. Border Collie's enjoy being around their owners and are also known for having a strong desire work ethic. Their intelligence and ease of training make it easy and fun.

You’ll Need To Keep Your Eye Out Dogs have a lot in common with humans, and are susceptible to certain health issues. This breed is generally healthy and long-lived with no health issues. There is a chance that your fur baby could be one of those unlucky ones. Although it's impossible to predict if your Collie is at risk, there are certain signs and symptoms you can look out for. Poor mobility, poor vision, hearing loss, and seizure activity are all important things to watch out for.

Collies Are Easy To Groom It's easy to think that Border Collie need a lot of grooming because of their medium-length coat. But, it's actually quite the opposite. A minimum of one bath per month is recommended. It is recommended that you brush their teeth at least twice per week. However, it is not necessary. This breed is known for their low shedding. A once a week brushing is enough to keep your home spotless and hair-free.

A High Protein Diet Is A Must Border Collies, as we have already mentioned, are an active breed. They thrive on a high-protein diet. It will provide the nutrition they need to keep their muscles strong and healthy. Collie's must eat carbs, in addition to protein. A high-carb, high protein meal in the morning is followed by a high quality meal in the afternoon. A typical serving size is 1 1/2 to 2 cups. This can be divided into two meals per day.

Socializing Has Its Benefit There are many benefits to socializing with your furry friend. It gives your pet a chance to have fun and burn excess energy. Socializing with other dogs is another great way to keep your Collie happy and social. Although they can be friendly and easy-going, this breed can sometimes show aggression towards dogs of the same gender. You should supervise your friend's playtime.

Cats Are “Iffy” Although it is possible for a Border Collie to get along with a cat, it is important to monitor their interactions. Your Border Collie might feel the need to corral your cat because he is a herding dog. This is something that your cat won't enjoy.

Breeder Vs. Shelter A breeder might seem to be the best option in some situations, but it is not. First, there are likely to be a Border Collie at a shelter close you who would give anything to have a home for their forever family. A Collie purchased from a breeder can cost up to $2,000! Adoption fees are typically between $50 and $100. Adopting will save you a life and a lot of money.

Border Collies Can Be Motivating You may be surprised to learn that bringing home a Collie can help you break out of a rut. You will need to move because of their energy. This will soon become a routine. Your new friend and you will soon feel great.

They’re Kid Friendly Border Collies get along well with children. Border Collies are gentle and can play with children without being too rough. Their loyalty motivates them to protect children, which is an advantage in this crazy world. Children should learn how to play with their furry friends. Collies can become timid or aggressive by sitting on their backs, tail pulling and other inappropriate behaviors.