10 Things You Need To Know Before Adopting A Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers Need Time Labs are great friends but require a lot more attention and time. You might consider adopting another breed if you have a very busy lifestyle. Labradors love to be surrounded by people and have a sense of belonging. You must keep your labs happy, entertained, and loved.

Will You Have Space? Another thing to consider is space. Labrador Retrievers come in a range of sizes, from small to large. They are also energetic and have a lot of energy. People with large yards and lots of space in their homes shouldn't have to worry about this. A person living in an apartment or smaller space should still walk their dog at least twice daily.

They Have An Appetite They are a large breed and have a lot of appetite. Adopting a Lab is a commitment. It's likely that you'll end up spending a lot on your best friend's favorite chow. But it's worth it!

Puppies Can Be Destructive It is difficult to gaze at a puppy of any breed and not fall in love with it. Labrador Retriever puppies can be so adorable. You'll be captivated by their adorable eyes if you just look at them. This breed is known for chewing shoes, plants and anything else they can get their teeth into. It is important to start training your puppy at an early age in order to curb these behaviors.

Labs Are Known For Longevity Labs live an average of 10 years. However, this is not true for dogs. Your furball is likely to live for around 15 years, contrary to popular belief. This breed is extremely healthy and strong thanks to its amazing genetics. Make sure that you are ready to build a lasting friendship with your dog for at least ten years before signing any adoption papers.

Separation Anxiety Is Possible Labrador Retrievers need companionship. This is why it's so important, as we have already mentioned. Separation anxiety is a possibility when this breed is left alone for a long time. Each dog's anxiety is different, and the results are often not good. You must ensure that your dog is always supervised at all times.

Messes Will Occur A Lab's natural playfulness can quickly turn into a disaster. Playtime is what most people consider to be constant. This is something that many people love about themselves, even if they have to clean up all the toys scattered around their house. You'll find yourself cleaning a lot of hair, in addition to toys. Labs shed, and they shed a lot. However, this is a small price for having such a great BFF.

Their Energy May Lead To Accident Labrador Retrievers are devoted to their families. Their large size and energy can cause injuries to small children. This is unlikely to be caused by aggression. This rare event is often caused by an innocent desire to play. Labs can be a wonderful addition to any family, with or without children.

Labrador Retrievers Are Easy To Train Labs are extremely intelligent and driven to please their owners. They are easy to train because of this. Labs aren't known for getting frustrated and impatient when learning something new. They are more than happy to give it another go. You can teach your furry friend anything with a little effort and time. This is why they are often used as service dogs.

Don’t Over Bathe It would surprise many people to know that Labrador Retrievers can have two coats. This allows them to swim well, keep cool in summer and retain heat in winter. You can over-bath them due to the oils in their undercoat. Exercising too often can cause dry skin, itching, and even flaking.