#Exotic Shorthair This cat breed loves attention and is extremely loving. The nickname for this cat is the cuddly teddy!

The #American Burmese is devoted and always wants human company.

The #Siamese is the most extroverted of all cat breeds! This feline is vocal, intelligent, full of energy, and an excellent family pet.

The #British longhair is known as the 'lowlander' in the U.S. This breed makes an excellent companion and is calm, easy-going, with a happy disposition.

The #Abyssinian is a loyal, loving, and big-hearted cat. The breed likes an active life and human company through the day.

The #Bengal is affectionate and needs a family capable of managing its curious and playful personality.

#Munchkin cats are active with short legs! The cat is known for his zest for life, is extremely social, and can run fast.

The #Balinese is a highly social cat and sensitive to his owner. This breed is a long-haired version of the Siamese cat.

The #Ragamuffin is known for his big heart, and this cat loves to please pet parents. The breed is a gentle giant and thrives on affection.

#Scottish Fold This friendly cat thrives on attention from loving pet parents.

The #sphynx cat is a hairless breed and relies on pet parents to keep him warm. This breed is easy to live with and loving in nature.