11 Things Only Cat Owners Understand

You're Never Not Covered in Cat Hair It's not worth the effort to keep your clothes free from cat hair. You've tried so many things to keep your cat hair from getting on your clothes, such as lint rolling and buying special vacuum attachments. But you have given up. It's almost like your cat is taking you with you everywhere you go. 

You Stopped Putting Any Item on Any Surface cats can knock any item off any surface. This is what the internet has shown us. Do you want to create a chic vignette for your coffee table? Your cat will squash all of your interior decorating ideas. What about fresh flowers for the kitchen counter? You might be wrong. Are you putting your iPhone too close to the counter's edge. AppleCare is something I recommend. 

You're Unfazed by Cat Butt in Your Face It's not possible to put it another way: Cat owners often get close to their cats' butts. It's a great thing that your cat sticks her butt into your face, despite it being gross. actually means that she likes you! 

You Have to Hide Toilet Paper From Your Cat You can't afford to buy the cheapest toilet paper or the most luxurious toilet paper, but if you don't want to be left without TP, it is essential to keep your cat from using the bathroom. Think about this: Does he know what you're doing? Or does he just enjoy watching you struggle? 

Cats Sleep Constantly ... Except Between 4 a.m. and 6 a.m. It seems cats are always snoozing on the floor . Why are they not laying on the floor in a sunny spot? About one to three hours before your alarm is set to go off. She likes to do her daily exercise, climb on your head and scratch at the walls. 

You Forget Your Cat Is Literally Pooping in a Box Somewhere in Your House Humans would not think of putting their cat's poop in a litterbox unless it was extremely dire. It's perfectly acceptable for your cat poop in a litter box in your home. You might even be able to track litter in the room. It's amazing, just think about it. 

Your Cat Loves Cardboard Boxes More Than His Expensive Bed It was a tedious task to choose the right bed for your cat. You read thousands of reviews and chose organic cotton that would not irritate your cat's skin. Maybe you even added some throw pillows for extra comfort and style. Your cat will tell you that an Amazon delivery is one thousandth better than the bed and bedding you chose. 

Your Cat Eats Better Food Than You You will eat any mass-produced, conventional food available at the grocery store. Your cat will only consume the best quality, non-GMO, organic, fresh food that is available at your local farmer's market. To show his appreciation, he may throw it on the rug. 

You've Accepted That Your Cat Is Bo You don't have to pretend. We all know who is boss in a cat house. Hint: She loves to knock things off the counter, sit on your computer while you work and meow incessantly at objects that aren’t there. 

Cats Have No Sense of Personal Space To show that they love people, cats will put their paws on them. They don't give any personal space to to show you that they care and to remind you that you are in control. 

You Never Know If Your Cat Wants to Cuddle You ... or Bite You Cuddling up on the couch with your cat is the best thing. Until she makes a mistake, then she panics, bites you, and skitters off to another room.