FLYING SQUIRRELS Although it's not technically flying, squirrels can run up to trees and jump out. They will then spread their skin flaps so they can glide to their next destination. Although they can glide for 200 feet, the longest Southern Flying Squirrel flight was only 200 feet. They usually do smaller leaps.

FOX SQUIRREL The Fox Squirrel is also known as the Eastern Fox Squirrel or Bryant's Fox Squirrel. It is North America's largest squirrel species. They are usually between 1-3 pounds in weight and can be found in red, brown, brown or sometimes black. Fox Squirrels are found in forested areas, where they eat mainly fungi, fruits, seeds, and nuts. They will also occasionally eat bird eggs.

ARCTIC GROUND SQUIRREL The Arctic Ground Squirrels can be found throughout Alaska. These squirrels are unique, hibernating for 7-8 months each year. They hibernate and perform supercooling during hibernation. Supercooling occurs when an animal's temperature drops below freezing during hibernation and then it will start shivering for about 15-20 minutes before warming up to normal.

AMERICAN RED SQUIRREL Red squirrels can be found in Canada and the northern parts of the United States. They are also found throughout the Rocky Mountains and Appalachian Mountains. Because they prefer the seeds and nuts from pine trees, red squirrels are more attracted to coniferous forests. They also enjoy eating fruit, eggs, and even berries.

CALIFORNIA GROUND SQUIRREL California ground squirrels are also known as Beechey groundsquirts. They can be found in California, Oregon and Nevada. They love to live in open spaces such as parks or fields, where they can eat flowers, seeds and nuts, berries and insects.

EASTERN GRAY SQUIRREL The eastern half of Canada and the United States are home to Eastern Gray Squirrels. They can be found as far as Florida and west as the Mississippi River. They are social and rarely territorial, except when they are protecting their nests.

DOUGLAS SQUIRREL Douglas Squirrels can be found in the pine forests of the Pacific Northwest, including California, Oregon, Washington, as well as parts of Canada. They are about 8 oz in weight and eat a diet consisting of nuts and seeds. They can be very vocal and alert, often warning other birds and squirrels of potential predators.

ABERT’S SQUIRREL The Abert's squirrel, also known as the tasseleared squirrel or the Tassel-eared squirrel is undoubtedly the most adorable species on the list. They prefer the Ponderosa pine nuts, which are found in Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona. They also eat the bark, buds and fungus of the trees.

THIRTEEN-LINED GROUND SQUIRREL The central United States and Canada are home to thirteen-lined ground squirrels. They can be found in parts of Ohio and Arizona as well as Nebraska and Kansas. Ground squirrels love open grasslands, where they eat grass, seeds and leaves.

HARRIS’S ANTELOPE GROUND SQUIRREL Harris's Antelope Ground squirrels can be found in New Mexico and Arizona. They prefer deserts and live in areas with dense vegetation. These squirrels are about 4 oz in weight and live for 2-3 years on average.

LEAST CHIPMUNK The little chipmunk is a small, striped-squirrel that can be found in most of North America. It can be found in parts of Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin. They live in the middle of temperate and boreal forests. The smallest chipmunk species is the least.