12 Best Dog Breeds for Every Type of Household

The Best Dog Breed for Apartment Dwellers: French Bulldog The French bulldog has been described as the ideal apartment dog. It is well-suited to urban living. Frenchies are small and light and don't require much space. A daily walk or some playtime on the living room floor will suffice to satisfy their exercise needs.

The Best Dog Breed for Families With Kids: Labrador Retriever The Labrador Retriever has been the most popular dog breed in America for over 30 years. This breed is calm, gentle, and easy to train. It's also large enough not to be injured by the playfulness of young children. Labs will continue to be a family favorite for many years.

Best Dog Breed for Seniors: Bichon Frise The bichon frise, another great choice for apartment dwellers, is well-suited to seniors or people with mobility issues. They are friendly and person-centric, have low-maintenance coats and are easy to train. They can be easily adapted to any environment and will not grow too large or heavy to make it difficult for those with mobility issues or arthritis.

Best Dog Breed for First-Time Owners: Beagle The beagle makes a great choice for first-time owners. This is true for both single dog owners and families. They are easy to train, and they love being surrounded by their loved ones.

The Best Dog for Runners: Vizsla This dog is perfect for active people. Their long, loping gait makes them great endurance runners. They can run long distances and cross different terrains while trail running. Vizslas are short-coated and can withstand higher temperatures.

The Best Dog for Swimmers: Boykin Spaniel The Boykin spaniel was born and bred in America. This guy is waterproof, has webbed feet and can swim like an ox when you get back to your home.

The Best Dog for Campers: Australian Cattle Dog The Australian cattledog is intelligent, loyal, and agile. They are a great companion for hiking, climbing, and sitting by the fire. These guys will happily carry your pack or look after you while you fish. They are happy to go camping with you.

The Best Dog for Couch Potatoes: Bulldog The bulldog has a big, friendly mug and is very active. You can take your dog for a walk every day or have some fun in the living room. This aside, the lazy breed will love nothing more than to curl up on the couch or snuggled up with you while you read.

Best Dog Breed for People With Allergies: Poodle Although no dog is hypoallergenic, many can help reduce allergic reactions. Because of all the exposed skin, the poodle's tight and low-shedding curls are a better choice than hairless breeds such as the Xoloitzcuintli and Chinese crested.

Best Dog Breed for Agility Competitions: Border Collie Border collies are natural athletes and have been winning agility contests at all levels for many years. These dogs are intelligent, agile, and eager to please. Border collies can excel in all competitions, no matter what sport they are competing in. They have proven themselves to be more than capable of obedience, flyball and herding.

Best Mixed Breed Dog for People Who Want the Best of Both Worlds: Cockapoo There's no science to this pick, but just look at her cute face! All mixed-breed dogs are welcome in our hearts, but the cockapoo is our favorite because of her intelligence, low-shedding, and adorable appearance.

Best Dog Breed for People Who Also Have Cats: Basset Hound A basset dog's long, flat ears and wrinkled face are hard to resist. They are known for being great hunting dogs but they can also be very relaxed and easygoing.