12 Best Dog Breeds for Introverts

Basenji Basenjis are one of the most independent dogs you will ever meet. They don't require a lot of affection from people and make a great friend for anyone who values their space. The handsome Basenji has been called the "barkless" dog.

American Hairless Terrier Greyhounds are known for their powerful, elegant build. Greyhounds are known for their athleticism, but they prefer to sprint to continuous activity and to relax at home. They are sweet and sensitive, and they love to spend time at home with their favourite introvert.

Shiba Inu Shibas were once the most beloved meme. They were also known for being "the most cat-like of all dogs." Shibas are the perfect companion for people who prefer to be alone. Shibas are smart and can be trained!

Basset Hound The basset dog is the perfect companion for homebody. They are affectionate, lazy and low-key. A basset hound's only problem for introverts is the amount of attention they receive from strangers while on walks. Remember the part about their lazy nature? Walking your dog is not necessary for long periods of time. After that, it's back home to relax with your beloved hound.

Irish Wolfhound Irish Wolfhound These gentle, calm sighthounds are reserved and affectionate. Irish Wolfhounds are just like people. They can be quiet and watchful, and will prefer to look on than get involved in the action. Are you an introvert?

Norwegian Lundehund Although these spritely, spitz-type dogs may not be very well-liked in America they are beloved in their homeland, where they were originally bred to hunt puffins on the seaside cliffs. Lundehunds can be agile and energetic and, while they may not love strangers, are extremely loyal to their owners. An athletic introvert who enjoys long, lonely hikes would love a Norwegian Lundehund.

Cairn Terrier The cairnterrier is another great match for the athletic introvert. They love to run, go, and go! These little, rough-and–tumble terriers are known for their charming, funny, and stubborn personalities. These terriers require constant training but are affectionate and independent if they are loved.

Chihuahua Chihuahuas are the ideal lapdog. They were designed for introverts. They are an excellent match for introverts with a sense humor and can be charming.

Pug If you're an introvert-leaning-towards-ambivert (i.e., you have a social side), the pug could be your dog. They can be a hilarious party animal, but they also need to rest at night. They are loving and even-tempered, and will snuggle up with you at night...just be prepared for some snores.

Maltese Maltese can be snuggled up to their laps! They are a great lap dog and are easy to train. They are notoriously hard to housetrain but will happily take to potty pads or litter boxes, making them an excellent choice for introverts who rarely leave the house.

Newfoundland Newfies, a giant breed that is perfect for introverts, are gentle, patient, and loving companions. Although they are athletic, Newfies need to romp every day to keep their energy up. However, because of their large size and thick coat, the romp can be quite short and can be done at home. Your Newfie, a gentle and loving pet, will look up at you through its droopy eyes to let you know you are perfect just as you are.

Mixed Breed Shelters have many adoptable dogs looking for a forever home. No matter what breed they are, they will display a variety of temperaments like all dogs. Ask shelter staff for dogs that are gentle and easygoing. You could find your new best friend on the couch with them.