12 Cute, Small Dog Breeds We Can’t Get Enough Of

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel You won't be captivated by this friendly dog if you don't take it seriously. The Cavalier is a happy, loving companion. Even though the Cavalier is only 13 to 18 pounds in weight, it's still an adorable, elegant package.

Havanese  The Cuban national dog is loved for his intelligence, charm, and playfulness. His soft coat, curled tail and springy gait add to his adorableness. He's strong and spirited and is as adept at rally and agility dog sports as he can be at warming your lap.

Pug  It's difficult to walk down the street with your Pug without being accosted by someone who is oohing and aahing over you. It's a toss up which one is more adorable: their cute, square faces or their mischievous, lovable personalities.

Bichon Frise  This little fluff ball is so adorable, we could stop here. The Bichon Frise is irresistible with his bright, curious eyes, cheerful disposition and pep. The breed is hypoallergenic. 

Italian Greyhound  Some people are attracted to fluffy dogs while others prefer the sleek, elegant Italian Greyhound. The diminutive Greyhound is just over 1 foot tall and full of love, grace, sweetness, affection. 

Papillon  The Papillon's cheerful and alert personality will win over even if the Papillon's butterfly ears aren't enough to convince you. The Papillon is a combination of elegance, daintiness and liveliness. The Papillon is more robust than he appears. He loves dog sports, learning techniques, and being your cute sidekick. 

Norfolk Terrier  He's not a lap dog just because he is small. The Norfolk Terrier was designed to hunt small animals and vermin, and has a strong sporting instinct. He's small and compact, but he's friendly and affectionate. His wiry coat and expressive eyes make him a great companion. 

Boston Terrier  The Boston Terrier is a small dog-loving companion that anyone can't believe he doesn’t love. Rarely will you meet such a smart and amusing canine friend. He is a small, compact dog weighing only 25 pounds. His unique tuxedo-style coat, combined with his expressive, dark round eyes makes him both charming and handsome. 

Yorkshire Terrier  It's not surprising that this breed is the AKC's Most Popular. Yorkies are small but pack a lot of personality. Yorkies are sprightly and affectionate. They are also curious, energetic, and inquisitive. Their crowning glory is their coat: a silky, flowing coat that flows down his entire body and is parted at the face makes him runway-ready. 

Pomeranian  Although this extrovert is probably not a cute little guy, his thick coat and smile that appears to be smiling at everyone may make him seem adorable. He is a vibrant, animated companion with a personality that surpasses his small stature. 

French Bulldog  The French Bulldog is described as having bat ears and a wrinkled, wrinkled face. It may not sound very cute but it's downright irresistible. He is so affectionate, playful, and intelligent that anyone can become a fan. This little cutie is compact and muscular and only 12 inches tall. He weighs between 20 and 28 pounds (males), and 16-24 pounds (females). 

Japanese Chin  You may find it hard to believe that this dog thinks he is the boss. He has a straight, silky, plumed tail and looks almost like an aristocrat with his long, flowing coat. He's also a bundle full of joy and charm, loving, loyal, sensitive, and willing to live with you.