12 Greyhound Dog Breed Varieties

There Are Eight Types Of Greyhound Dog

One Of The Oldest Dog Breeds Is The Spanish Greyhound

The Russian Wolfhound Is A Breed Of Dog That Originated In Russia

The Arabic Greyhound Is A North African Dog Breed That Is Popular Inrocco

The Afghan Greyhound Has A Long Coat And Sharp Thin Features

The Persian Greyhound Or Saluki Is One Of The Oldest Canine Breeds And Has Been Employed As A Hunting Hound By Royalty For Thousands Of Years

The Calm Obedient And Dignified Whippet Often Known As The English Greyhound Is A Sweetfaced And Thin Small Dog

The Italian Greyhound Is An Ideal Pet For Those Looking For A Little Companion

The Deerhound Is A Huge Hound Breed That Was Originally Intended To Be A Hunting Dog